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18/04/2019 - TG2

28/03/2019 - Corriere Adriatico

27/03/2019 - Avvenire

18/03/2019 - Il Resto del Carlino

05/07/2018 - Il Sole 24 ore - Impresa & Territori

From Mechatronics to rural promotion

Loccioni "adopts" the San Clemente Valley

04/07/2018 - Regione Marche

Arca and soils regeneration

Garbini, Fileni and Loccioni for good food

04/07/2018 - Corriere Adriatico

A bit monk a bit sharecropper on the Ark that regenerates the environment

Earth care innovation

05/06/2018 -

Loccioni: entrepreneurs and managers for sustainability

An itinerant council among future, history and nature

01/06/2018 - Fortune Italia

Loccioni, look at the world by growing the territory

The company offers and designs technological solutions for different markets

28/05/2018 - TVCentroMarche

The extraordinary phenomenon of the sun

Every 25th May at the Sant'Urbano Abbey the beam of light event

15/05/2018 - Il Sole 24 Ore - Scuola 24

Relaunching ITS and create a busy dialogue with families and children

Do a good mix of school and work

15/05/2018 - Il Sole 24 Ore - Scuola 24

Relaunching Its and a strong dialogue with families and children

Training, especially related to Industry 4.0

27/04/2018 - La Repubblica

"Weak" leaders alarm entrepreneurs and bankers

"We need a political government"

07/04/2018 - Jesi e la sua valle

Loccioni: the values of the social enterprise

The month of March dedicated to the cultural imprint of Graziella Rebichini

30/03/2018 - Direzione del Personale

Two kilometers of future

How can a company be able to create work and beauty today?

29/03/2018 - Corriere Adriatico

"Loccioni sanctuary of work"

Menichelli at the family enterprise

26/03/2018 - Password

Marzo Loccioni: initiatives in memory of Graziella Rebichini.

Yesterday the Family Run

26/03/2018 - AdriaEco

Loccioni: the values of the social enterprise

The legacy of Graziella Rebichini

25/03/2018 - Il Sole 24 Ore

Sant'Urbano Abbey

The monk culture between bio and hi-tech

24/03/2018 -

The values of a social company

The Marzo Loccioni